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Why Aha Momento?

Aha Momento is an untraditional brand new app that is designed to help people all around the world improve or learn English, in an easy and fun way.

We invented a gamified system that will help you not only learn some random words in English, but the whole structure of English tenses, in the fastest way possible that exist at this moment on the market.

Aha Momento also, came with a great idea of learning the irregular verbs through rhymes and pictures, and that will allow you to learn the irregular verbs in the easiest and funniest way that you have ever seen.

We truly recommend you to try it out and to tell us your opinion about the new methods that were designed to make your journey in mastering English. An Aha Momento that will inspire you.

About Aha Momento

Aha Momento was founded with the intention of creating a technology-based, gamified system for learning English. The main idea behind this application is to have a method that helps people to understand and learn the entire verb structure of English through four tables. As a result of implementing the system in practice, people who learn English through the system itself are able to use the entire tense structure of English without any hesitation when speaking. That is because people who learn all English tenses, affirmative, positive and negative at the same time through a well-organised structure are able to memorise in record time the whole structure of English tenses. Therefore, when you have to say "I worked”, “I work”, “I will work”, “I did not work”, “I do not work”, “I will not work”, “Did I work?", “Do I work?” “Will I work?” you will have no difficulty in doing so and you need even less time to think about which tense you need to use. In traditional English learning methods, the tenses are learned separately and people who learn English using traditional methods do not manage in a relatively short time to make a connection between all the tenses and therefore encounter difficulties when speaking. We have created this method to completely eliminate this problem for English learners.

We have also come up with a solution for learning irregular verbs, because we all know that irregular verbs are a big headache for many English learners due to the fact that in most cases the repetition method is used to memorise them. That is why we propose learning irregular verbs with the help of rhymes and pictures which are chosen according to the rhymes. This method is much more efficient than the traditional (repetition) method of memorising irregular verbs. This is due to the fact that the proper rhymes include in them the translation of irregular verbs and plus the pictures that accompany the rhymes reproduce the proper actions of the irregular verbs that are used in the rhymes, these things facilitate immensely the speed and learning ability of English language learners. Furthermore, all irregular verbs are grouped into small groups of 3-7 verbs according to their pronunciation which further facilitates the learning process of irregular verbs.

So by all of the above we recommend you to test it and give us your opinion about it. Embark on this transformative journey with us, as we inspire, empower, and equip you with the necessary tools to navigate the realm of English language proficiency. Together, let us revolutionise the way you learn and unlock your linguistic potential.

Thank you!

Sincerely, Aha Momento Team!

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